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Solutions that make Cities smarter


Building the Foundation for Tomorrow's Smart Cities. Today. 

We're a passionate and talented group of entrepreneurs who want to contribute to building smarter cities. We discover problems, craft solutions, and deliver services that help city and industry managers achieve their initiatives efficiently and effectively. 

At InformedIn, we believe that smart city applications will shape, transform, and better serve our communities as well as enhance public quality of life. We're driven by our passion to uncover pain points and deliver client-focused solutions.

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Internet of Things in Every City. Everywhere.

Giving any city, of any size, the power to run smarter facilities

InformedIn helps city managers save money on energy and operations management by showing them how to run their facilities greener and leaner. Our facility management platform integrates sensors to collect information about how your facilities are being used. This data fuels our platform to identify areas of opportunity for city managers to run greener and leaner facilities. 

Indoors. Outdoors. We've got you covered.

InformedIn sensor and software solution can track usage of indoor and outdoor facilities. We carefully select the right sensor modules, the right casing, and the right power supply so our sensors can track everything from indoor senior rooms to brand new outdoor tennis courts.

Paving the Internet of Things foundation for cities large, and small. 

We're going to democratize the power of IoT so any city can take part in the smart city revolution. InformedIn is committed to carefully sourcing our sensors to we can provide affordable, easy-to-install, and scale-able solutions. Contact us to get started on your smart city journey.  


What works. What doesn't. And how to plan better cities. 

Know exactly what citizens value, and putting this knowledge to use

For growing cities with a booming economy it can be challenging to give everyone the space they need to get their work done. You want to foster innovation and growth, but building new commercial spaces is costly and time-intensive. InformedIn's platform shows you how your facility is being used so you can use your building's space, smarter. 

Keep what works. Replace what doesn't.

Tracking asset performance is possible with InformedIn's sensor and software platform. Our platform informs managers on how everything from cardio equipment to tennis courts are being used. These insights help guide future purchasing decisions, space layouts, and future infrastructure projects. 


The InformedIn Team

Tony Vukasovic

Co-Founder & CEO

Tony is a BBA honours graduate from the Beedie School of Business. His analytics start-up experience, passion for technology, and business systems development skills drive him to want to contribute to a better tomorrow through innovation. Aside from working with his amazing team to add to the smart cities revolution, Tony can be found on Canadian waters paddling Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes with his fellow paddlers.

Ibrahim El-chami

Co-Founder & COO

PhD engineering candidate with focus on sensors technology. Ibrahim has been involved in several multidisciplinary hardware and software Internet of Things related projects including health care and sustainable energy. Always working on crazy projects like planting a mango tree in the living room or building a 3D printer for chocolate.

Amin Milani Fard

Co-Founder & Technology Lead

PhD software engineering, I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science atNew York Institute of Technology (NYIT) - Vancouver Campus. My current main research and teaching interests are Information and Software Security. I am also a visiting faculty of Management Information Systems at Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University .



Being part of an IoT Startup means we operate in a fast-paced world where changes happen often and quickly. We have started applying to several incubators in Canada and Belgium. If you have any questions about our solutions, please get in touch today.

Winner of the 2017 Venture Prize Idea Prize

Clients of the TELUS Technology Inbubator 2019

City of Surrey Smart Parks

Clients of Foresight Cleantech Technology Accelerator Program 2019

Participants of the Cleantech Investment Showcase 2019

Pending client status at Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection


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